Feasibility study of Hvalersambandet

MHTech has in cooperation with Flowchange AS delivered a feasibility study for Østfold county council.

Feasibility study of the Norwegian Costal Fishing Fleet

MHTech contributed to this report with estimations of emissions of greenhouse gasses, costs and size of shore power installations. This was carried out by using typical operational profiles for fishing vessels, and thereby estimating how engines were used in 3000 vessels. The emissions were then estimated form engine and battery usage. For the cost estimation, the size of shore power (charging), battery and time spent at shore were important variables.

Read the report here

Feasibility study of Swedish Ferries

MHTech contributed to an internal report for Simens on the potential savings from electrification of the 10 most travelled ferry routes in Sweden.

Transport modeling for Østfoldforskning

MHTech made models of energy consumption for different types of roadtraffic, as well as wear of the road.