MHTech assists in finding Sustainable Solutions

Services within maritime, road transport or other power generation systems

Do you want to compare your vessel’s or fleets climate impact to state of the art solutions? Compare fuel or propulsion systems? Need input on how to be a part of the electrical revolution? Moss Hybrid Technologies (MHTech) quantifies climate impact and economic profitability as well as sizing of batteries for transport solutions. We aim at identifying the most climate friendly solutions towards a sustainable future. MHTech can in dialogue with our customers evaluate viability of low-emission alternatives. Emissions and profitability is calculated in a life cycle perspective and the climate impacts are estimated combining operational data and using Life Cycle Assessment methodology.


Governments and corporations need to cut their emissions of Greenhouse gasses. The transport sector contributes to 14,4% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions(1), and 31% in Norway(2). Norway is world leading on electric transportation and LNG fuelled ships with several pilots and firsts in LNG and hybrid solutions.